Clive Higgins/Old North Church Festival Chorus Concerts.  $500
Jason Silva/Marblehead. The Town We Want. $1000
Jesse Green. Chainsaws,Cheeseburgers, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. $500
Kristen Nyberg.  Growing UP in the Shipyard. $800
Lauren McCormack/Museum Signage:  The Ship Desire and Marblehead… $500
Leah Bokenkamp. Indiginouse People’s Day. $1000
Margaret Wiggin. MUSE: Musical Visits for Seniors. $500
Peyton Pugmire/Chamber of Commerce. Tri-Mural Project. $1200
Sarah Guerin. Ten foot Shoe Shop. $400
Scott Santino/Audubon Society. Birdwalking for Adults.  $100
Tom Jones. The Musary. $500


Member of the Marblehead Chamber of Commerce