2022-2023 Marblehead Cultural Council Members
Nisha Austin
Diane Capstaff
Rose Gould
Holly Aloha Jaynes
Aaron Liber
Jacqueline Lynch, Secretary
Yotam Mendlinger
Jim Murphy
Barbara Collins Rosenberg
Howard Rosenkrantz
Lisa Seltzer
Anthony Silva, Chair
Jennifer Uhl, Co-Chair
The Marblehead Cultural Council meetings are held  at the Gene and Judy Jacobi Community Center,10 Humphrey Street,  and are posted on the town website, http://marblehead.org.
For information contact Anthony Silva at 508-641-0767.
Or email MarbleheadCulturalCouncil@gmail.com.
See Masssachusetts Cultural Council/local-council/Marblehead  for guidelines, last year’s funding list, and application forms.
Member of the Marblehead Chamber of Commerce

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