January-June 2018


Feb 1-3
Marblehead Little Theatre  Letters from War at Firehouse Theatre
Feb 3, 2-4 PM
Abbot Public Library, Public Art Reception
Feb 8, 7-8 PM
Marblehead Museum  Memories of Marblehead During the Blizzard of ‘78
Feb 11, 2-4 PM Marblehead Arts Association Opening Reception:  New England Regional Exhibit
Feb 11, 2 PM
Abbot Public Library..Virtual Walk through Victorian Boston
Feb 15, 6:30-8:30 PM
Marblehead Museum  Curator’s Open House
Feb 16, 7:30 PM
Marblehead Little Theatre  Love Scotland: Music for Brave Hearts
Feb 18, 2-4 PM
Abbot Public Library,  Poetry Salon
Feb 21, 7-8:30 PM
Abbot Public Library,  Marblehead Festival of Arts,  Long Winter Short Film Festival
Feb 22, 2-4 PM
Marblehead Museum  Washington’s Birthday Party
Feb 24, 9 AM-1 PM
Chamber of Commerce  Health and Wellness Fair Lynch YMCA von Otterlo YMCA
Feb 25, 3:00 PM
North Shore Philharmonic Winter Concert, Swampscott High
Feb 28, 7-8:30
Abbot Public Library Osprey in Essex County


Mar 1-12
Mugford Street Players  Our Town

Mar 4, 3-5 PM
Gallery at Grosvenor  Park Opening Reception

Mar 4, 3 PM
Symphony by the Sea  Bethoven and Bernstein

Mar 18, 2-4
Marblehead Arts Association  Opening Reception Solo Artists

Mar 28 time?
Annual Meeting and photographer Dennis Curtin lecture at library

Me & Thee Coffee House  Concerts Friday at 8 PM


April 5-15
MLT, Children of Eden

Apr 6, 4-6
Marblehead Arts Association, Chocolate & Bubbly Tasting

Apr 15, 3
North Shore Philharmonic. Spring concert



April 26, 5-7
MAA. Artisan Shop Opening Reception



May 6, 3 PM
Symphony by the Sea  Mozart/ TCHAIKOVSKY

May 10, 6-8

MAA Opening Reception Spring Exhibitions

May 10. 7-8:30 PM
Museum Nathaniel Gould Lecture


May 17, 7-8 PM
Museum  Saving Lee Mansion Lecture

May 12


May 19, 10-5
MAA and CofC, Marblehead Art Walk


MLT Mary Poppins

June 24th
Marblehead Festival of Arts Champagne Party  Fort Sewall


June 28, 6-8 PM

MAA Opening Reception Summer Member Exhibit

June 30-July 4
Marblehead Festival of Arts




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